AutoHot® On Demand Pump System for Residential Plumbing

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AutoHot® Residential On-Demand Recirculation Systems (Base Models)

Part No.Description
R000AResidential AutoHot pump control, hard wired button, no pump included
R055AResidential AutoHot, 55-series pump, hard wired button activator (for dedicated return lines)
R055A-USKResidential AutoHot, 55-series pump, Under Sink Kit, hard wired button activator (for standard plumbing systems)
R099AResidential AutoHot, 99-series pump, hard wired button activator (for dedicated return lines)
R099A-USKResidential AutoHot, 99-series pump, Under Sink Kit, hard wired button activator (for standard plumbing systems)

Accessories (for homes, order separately)

Part No.Description
USK-13AUndersink kit: Includes (2) flex lines, (2) brass tees with temperature sensor
WR-16AWireless receiver: For use with either wireless buttons, wireless motion sensors, or a combination of both. Up to 10 sensors per receiver
WB-S-16AWireless Button Activator: Works up to 1000 ft away in open air
WM-S-16AWireless Motion Sensor Activator: Works up to 500 ft away in open air

Get Hot Water Quickly with an AutoHot® On Demand Pump Control

If you are waiting more than 10 seconds for hot water to arrive after you turn on your faucet or shower, you are waiting too long. Using an AutoHot® on demand pump control with a recirculation pump will enable you to get hot water at your fixtures almost instantly. Not only is this convenient, but it is the most efficient way to save water and energy in your plumbing system.

Click Here to Find Why an AutoHot on demand pump control is energy and water efficient. If you have a commercial building such as a hotel or multifamily building, click here to learn more about the commercial AutoHot product.

Installation is quick, easy, inexpensive, and requires no major modification to your home.

The best part is that installing the AutoHot on demand pump control does not require adding any hot water piping to your residential home. It will use your cold water line as the return line, but if you already have a return line, you can install the AutoHot on demand pump control onto your existing return line, and if you already have a pump, you can install the on demand pump control onto your existing recirculation pump.

How the AutoHot demand pump control works

When you have not used hot water for a period of time, the water in the hot water pipes cools down to ambient temperature. When you turn on your hot water fixture, that cool water that is in your hot water pipes must be purged, or in other words, you must run the water down the drain until the hot water arrives from the water heater. Depending on how far your furthest fixture is from your water heater and the flow rate of the fixture, you will potentially have to wait a long time for hot water, which is inconvenient and wastes water. The AutoHot on demand pump system connects the hot and cold water lines at the farthest end of the plumbing line with a pump and controller.  When activated, the pump will move the cold water in the hot water lines through the cold water line back to the heater, while simultaneously drawing the hot water from your water heater through the hot water line until it reaches the pump.  After about 15-60 seconds of run time, a temperature sensor will then turn the pump off once it reads a rise in temperature, indicating that hot water has reached the end of the plumbing line, and thus preventing the hot water from intruding into the cold water line.  Now you have hot water closer to all of the fixtures in the house, all without even opening a fixture.

Now, if you already have a return line with a pump, you probably run the pump continuously or with a timer or temperature sensor, which means the pump is running during times when you are not using hot water.  Not only does this create system wear and tear, but it also results in excessive energy use by your water heater.  In many cases, operating  your pump in this fashion will result in either reducing or eliminating the warranty of most tankless water heaters.  By applying the AutoHot on-demand control to your existing pump, you can enjoy the benefits of fast hot water only when you demand it, thereby saving energy and preserving the full warranty of your tankless water heater.

Click Here to Learn more about how the AutoHot on demand pump control stacks up to continuous recirculation, timer and/or temperature based recirculation.

Ready to purchase your AutoHot on demand pump control?

If you are an architect, engineer, or contractor, feel free to call us for 3-part guide specs, manuals, warranties, or any technical submittals. You can also find them in our Learning Center. For large single-family home developments or condos where there are individual water heater in each condo, we would be happy to provide training via webinar to the specifiers in order for them to spec the optimal option, and also happy to provide installation training to the contractors. In some circumstances we could even provide on-site support. You could also contact any of our local manufacturer’s reps, click here to find a rep.

For homeowners, here is a quick guide to helping you select the right options. It’s better to contact us, so we can determine your exact needs, at which point we will make the product available at your local plumbing store.

Option 1: Pump or No Pump? What pump size?

No Pump – If you already have a pump, or would like to purchase your pump separately.

Pump Size 1 – 55-series pump; This is a 3 speed pump that will handle most small to mid-size homes that are up to ~3500 SF, or pipe runs under 100 lineal feet

Pump Size 2 – 99-series pump; This is a 3 speed pump that will handle larger homes, or longer pipe runs, over ~3500 SF, or pipe runs over 100 lineal feet

Option 2: Installation Location

Underneath the furthest fixture from the water heater: Flex Lines & Tees

On an existing return line, without flanges: Flanges

On an existing return line with flanges: No parts needed in this section

On an existing return line where you already have a pump: No parts needed in this section

Option 3: Activation (you can also mix and match activation options)

Wired Push Button

Wireless Push Button

Wired Motion Sensor

Wireless Motion Sensor

Frequently asked Questions about on demand pump controls – but don’t hesitate to call us!