Welcome to Enovative Group, Inc.

Our mission at Enovative Group is simple: To help improve the water and energy performance of buildings.  We implement our vision of creating high performance buildings through our platform of business groups that research, produce and integrate the new generation of water and energy efficiency measures.




AutoHot is Enovative’s line of demand hot water recirculation controls and energy management systems. Using AutoHot in your residential or commercial building will save water, energy and promote efficient hot water delivery.


C.A.R. is Southern California’s premier HVAC/R service and repair organization, servicing commercial clients both large and small, and with a mind towards energy efficiency.  Find out if your buildings are eligible for FREE AC tune-ups, rebate, or other incentive programs to help keep your energy costs down.

Evolution Service Company is a full-service commercial water heating and boiler company that specializes in retrofitting existing buildings with water and energy efficiency measures, solar, and controls for optimizing your hot water system.

Enovative performs independent and government funded research that help create new and innovative solutions to improve performance in residential, commercial, and multifamily buildings. We work with gas utilities throughout North America in helping create and implement cost effective therm saving programs that promote healthier buildings and a cleaner environment.


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