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Case study on a Pepperdine University Dorm.

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Demand Pump Case Study Text:

Pepperdine University is widely known for its commitment to the highest standards of academic excellence and creating a “green” eco-minded campus where students can develop and refine their learning skills to meet the challenges of the future. To reinforce its mission, Pepperdine has recently established the Center for Sustainability. Enovative Group approached the Center for Sustainability about conducting a case study in one of the student dormitories to see the level of savings The Enovative Demand Controller could generate against the energy used by a traditional pump that runs continuously (24/7).

The test was coordinated before, during and after winter break in order to collect data from times when students were on campus and when they were not. The data taken during the study is shown in the graphs and table above.

The savings provided by the The Enovative Demand Controller System range from 32-46% in natural gas and 95-99% in pump electricity. The combined efficiency from using the The Enovative Demand Controller can save Pepperdine University $895 year for this building alone. Now, think of the energy saved if The Enovative Demand Controller is implemented campus-wide.